The Agenda 2030 - ratified in 2015 at the United Nations (UN) - is an agenda designed to transform our world. It is based on 17 Sustainable Development Goals which, as former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon explained, are a “roadmap to ending global poverty, building a life of dignity for all and leaving no one behind. It is also a clarion call to work in partnership and intensify efforts to share prosperity, empower people’s livelihoods, ensure peace and heal our planet for the benefit of this and future generations.”


Aotearoa/New Zealand has signed onto these goals, understanding the significance of leaving no one behind and creating a sustainable present and future. To understand how these global goals have been, and could be, worked towards in the local context, a summit series has been designed and implemented. 

With two successful summits held in Wellington (2018) and Auckland (2019), the next instalment of the series is being held in Christchurch (2020-2021).